Expansion, Goddess of Rainbow [Size: A1] Acrylic-coated photo Thematic art in home decoration Goddess in a gorgeous gown

The name of work: Expansion, Goddess of Rainbow

The size of work: 841 mm * 594 mm (A1 in Japanese standard)


Rainbow contains all the colors in the world. And the colors are symbols of things but alos possibilities.

In the Greek mythology, the goddess of rainbow is called "Iris". Her role is bridging between the god and the human being. Also she has a close relationship with sky, sea and cloud.

If she would stay besides you, you should expand your reach in the field.

I hope you have this work and enjoy the dreamy underwater world everyday.


If putting AQUAROSA's work on the wall, you may feel ...

Entering the wonderland
Easing the tension and Relax
Tricking yourself to stay underwater
Being activated the sense of wonder

Recommend to the person who...

Enjoys the stimulation of fantastic art
Loves something beautiful
Is interested in underwater photography
Seeks the thematic art work of home decoration

Matching with the taste of the room like this....

Modern taste
Simple, monotone taste
Oriental taste

Matching with the place like this.....

Living room
Bed room
Study room
Work room
Child's room
Front desk of the small hotel or B&B
Social lounge at office
Day room of the clinic or hospital

Matching with the celebratory occasion like this...



This photo was shot in the 3 meter-depth pool. You can see some photos of the making-story on my following blogs:


Accsessories of the work:
- Acrylic boards
- Handing devices and cord

You can hang the work on the wall as soon as you take out it of the box.

This work, printed on the glossy film, is mounted on the 3-mm-thick clear acrylic board and lined by the white acrylich board with the hanging parts and cord.

The clear acrylic board makes the work look transparent and deep. Also it helps keep the bright color.


- The photo film cannot be removed from the acrylic boards.
- It takes about 7 operating days to be delivered.
- All the works are made-to-order.
- Due to the nature of the product, no product may be exchanged, returned and refund.

Please verify that you have selected the correct work before submitting your order.


AQUAROSA Underwater Photography http://vegathebeauty.com/

Hello. I'm Aquarosa, Japanese underwater photographer. I'd like to share the fantastic world with you. Hope you relax with my works, too.

You can watch lots of short movies at my facebook page and instagram.

My work was covered by Asahi Shimbun, one of Japanese major news media. several months ago. You can see the article in the product image section.

Thank you!

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